Air-Voice logoAirVoice: Windows 8 Metro style app

AirVoice is a Windows 8 Metro style App designed and developed by Adroit for Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) which can be further customized as per the requirement.

Air voice Metro style apps built for Windows 8 is beautiful and intuitive. It is immersive, filling the entire screen so there are no distractions. The UI is designed to provide a fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with touch and mouse. With touch, you can do what you want to do quickly and naturally.


The AirVoice application has four tiles placed in the form of grid view on the Home page namely Account Summary, Network information, Notifications and Help & Support. These tiles have further inner pages that are laid in the form of flip view.

Account Summary: This provides information like:

  • Account Overview: it shows Current Plan, Data Usage and Validity.
  • Online Account Management: End user can manage their account online.
  • Tariff Plans: Different tariff plans will shows from online portal.

Account Overview


Tarrif Plans


Network Information: This tile shows following network info

  • Network Registration - Home/Roaming.
  • Device Status Ready or Not.
  • Access Point Name: Access Point Name of Connected Provider (MNO).
  • Connection Speed
  • Byte Received
  • Byte Send


Notifications: This shows the latest notification on home page and latest five notifications on inner page.


Help & Support: This displays information like Manufacturer, Firmware Version, Technology Type, Device Model, SIM ID, Device Status, IMEI, IMSI and Supported Technologies and has a separate FAQ section as well.

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