Software development is a highly technical job. To develop in-house requires time, skilled manpower, and expensive infrastructure (servers, programs and equipment, etc). IT outsourcing is a very cost effective alternative to software development in-house. IT outsourcing is a strategic move.

IT outsourcing, in particular, refers to offering your IT development, management or maintenance to another company that is competent in that arena.

Adroit’s Outsourcing Approach employs our past offshore outsourcing experience along with the best practices to give our clients the best offshore outsourcing experience. We have the resources (people and infrastructure) that work closely with your staff to understand your unique business problems. The objective is to deliver, implement, and service unique IT solutions.

Offshore Implementation

Adroit develops Offshore Solutions upon determining clients’ business objectives and requirements. We develop effectual offshoring solutions in the fields of Web Application Development, Customized Application development, mobile software programming and application integration; our solutions cover a range of industries including financial services, ecommerce, healthcare media etc. We provide high quality work that complies with international standards.

Our offshoring solutions start with gaining the knowledge about your existing systems. During this phase, our team delves into client business to get a better insight into the current end-users and the current application. This ensures that user requirements are based on facts.

The development, followed by testing and quality assurance leads to training of client team, and maintenance and enhancement requests by our project managers.