E- Learning Solutions

Electronic learning, mobile learning, digital content. Your diverse, dynamic and mobile workforce demands them. In this current market where controlling the cost has become imperative and the frequent emergence of new technologies/upgrades is prevalent, managers whose budgets do not allow additions of new expensive resources to their projects, are now focusing towards training/retraining their existing staff in these areas. These employees can then be moved from one project to another on an as-need basis eventually leading to effective utilization of their staff. Adroit ensures your people have the right skills at the right time.

E-Learning has made widespread training more cost-effective than ever before! E-Learning enables you to teach subject matter to users on a schedule that is convenient for them. E-Learning applications also enable you to quiz users on what they have learned and to customize next steps based on those results.

We develop innovative web- computer- and smart phone based e-learning softwares to effectively engage and educate your teams. Adroit’s e- learning solutions includes:

  • Audio, Video and Chat Integration
  • Moodle intergration
  • Powepoint Presentation
  • Upload, download PDF and word document
  • White Board integration
  • Real-time desktop sharing
  • Training calendar management
  • Alerts management
  • Student Management
  • Poll Management
  • Assignment Management

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