What you get from Adroit?

Hand Picked Team, Transparency and Control, On-Demand team ramp-up (and ramp-downs) with adequate skills

Communication: Our outsourcing mantra is ‘Transparency at all levels at all times’. Team is available for daily or weekly status review calls, sends out daily status updates, and all members are readily accessible via Messenger. Skype, and Phone.

Project Management: You can chose to manager projects, or can leave it to our project managers who handle all the overhead for you by bringing clarity to tasks for each team member, defining milestones and timelines, tracking and reporting progress and keeping a pulse on overall project health at all times.

Collaboration: Use of Online tools like Google Docs, Skype ScreenShare, BasecampHQ, Pivotal Tracker, Bugzilla, Skype enables collaboration across multiple locations readily and helps in easy exchange of information and project updates.

Meeting Expectations: Adroit’s management team is highly technical, and keeps a constant oversight on each project. Our pricing structures with Fixed Price model and Fixed T&M monthly billing ensures protection of your interest without worrying about budget overshoot due to excessive hours spent during crunch time.

Meet our Management Team, know about our Client Engagements, Engage Us or Work for Us.