Telecommunication Testing

Market success of new handsets, services or software depends on thorough testing prior to launch. Adroit develops test procedures, systems and specifications for a systematic and economic verification, ensuring the level of service anticipated by the end user and compliance with the latest industry standards, including:

  • Access technologies like GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and CDMA
  • Field Testing of 4G/3G/2G devices across variety of carrier networks
  • CDMA Protocol (CDMA 2000 1x & 3x, EvDO Rev0 & Rev1) log analysis
  • CDMA CDG testing
  • LTE/4G Protocol Testing
  • Pre-GCF for Europe and Global markets
  • Pre-FIT and FIT Operator Submission Testing
  • Testing of mobile devices with regard to audio and video quality and format compatibility
  • Mobile Application Testing – Email, SMS, MMS, Video Call, Audio and Video Streaming among others
  • Error Verification & Analysis
  • Test Case Design

 We perform acceptance and conformance tests for handsets and test the interoperability between handsets.

Due to the complex, time-consuming and costly nature of handset testing operators and manufacturers often contract partners to accurately test their products. Adroit offers outsourcing options for the testing methods above meeting those demands while reducing time to market in USA, Europe and India.

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